Virgin Remedy Human Hair collection

Premium Grades


Virgin Remedy Premium Hair Extensions are unparalleled in quality This is because every strand of the hair  has it's cuticle layers facing the same direction from root to tip. This ensures that the Hair Extensions behave exactly like your client's natural hair and guarantees natural wave, fullness, lustre and remarkable usability 



 Virgin Remedy offers exclusive partnerships with re-sellers across the UK and on a global scale through our Authorised Re-seller Program. Candidates must match a specific set of criteria to be considered for the program, ensuring they meet the standards that our loyal clientele has come to expect from the VR experience.   

Satisfaction Guaranteed


 Placing orders for hair extensions, lace front wigs and accessories is simple. Place orders via our online shop by clicking the link above. Because we have access to some of the best grades of hair in the world, we do not get complaints about its lustre, lasting quality or durability. Order now!