In a world whereby a new academy seems to pop up weekly, we understand that the search for a reputable training provider can be overwhelming. You can easily be be blown away by the amount of "academies" claiming that they are market leaders, experienced, award winners, etc... when in realism they may only deliver a training course per week, or once a month, if that.

At THETA our reputation does the talking. We deliver between 4 and 6 Hair Extension courses per week. We strive to ensure that our training sessions are unparalleled and cannot be competed with.


Our tutors

All of our tutors are qualified not just in the basic teachers training awards but qualified assessors and some are IV's too. All of our teachers have previous Hair Extension installation experience and most have run their own successful businesses. 

Retrain with THETA

Having felt dissatisfied with the level of knowledge obtained during their initial course. Over 30% of our students retrain with THETA after training elsewhere. Many of these students, with our help have managed to turn their businesses around and are now running reputable, lucrative boutiques.  


With over 17 years industry experience, over a decade teaching  experience and thousands of hand written testimonials we are proud to announce that we have accredited over 3k students, not just from here in the UK but abroad too.